What Makes HCR Different?

NO Recoupable Advances

HCR artists sign fully funded recording contracts with much fairer terms

Don’t Just Sign to a Label…
BE the Label!

HCR artist contracts are with a 50/50 partnership company formed by HCR and the artist

Own the Master Copyrights

By becoming their own label, HCR artists retain copyright ownership

Own the Social Platform

Rather than make the social media platforms (like Facebook) rich, own the platform and make yourself rich

Music Connects People

HCR monetizes fandom by harnessing digital interactions with the most influential people on the planet, music artists, in order to create lasting business empires.


The HCR Music Ecosystem consists of six segments; each of which forms an important building block of our artist’s music empire

1. Creating the Dream Team

HCR and the artist (by mutual agreement) assemble a customized “Dream Team” of industry leading professionals to assist the artist in making & releasing amazing music.

This team is made up of: A&R, writers, producers, artist manager, live agents, distributor, promoters, PR, marketing team, social media experts, etc.

The dream team, HCR and the artist work together to enhance and develop the maximum potential of the artist’s music career.

2. Build Artist Fandom and Social Following

Music artists create engaged followers, which are one of the most valuable assets in our modern digital world. Traditionally, these assets are monetised only by social media companies, who then have all the power and revenue.

By utilising the artist-branded Home of Beats platform our artists are able to better engage with their fan base and maximise their own revenue.

3. Home of Beats - Artist Branded Platform

Home of Beats artist platform is where fans go to interact with their favourite music artist on more intimate level.

This is the one stop shop where fans are able to access exclusive member-only content such as live videos, pre-release content, limited edition memorabilia, invites to private parties hosted by the artist and more.

4. Launch the Artist Digital Currency (Tokens)

This new digital currency is what is used by fans when interacting with the music artist on our Home of Beats platform. Fans can earn or buy tokens online to use to access VIP content, purchase items such as concert tickets, artist merchandise or exclusive experiences.

In addition to the tokens being actively used by the fans, our artists are able to hold tokens of their own. In many ways, the tokens are similar to shares in a publicly traded company. As the artist becomes more famous, demand for their tokens may increase potentially increasing their value.  These items together allow the artist to have multiple streams of ongoing revenues, as well as long-term sustainability and wealth.

5. Fan Promoter Program

The Home of Beats platform partnered with the artist currency creates a very valuable tool that help engage and encourage fans to help promote the music artist.

The fan promoter program will pay fans with artist currency for reposting their social media updates, special events or their latest music. Fans will be paid depending on their social influence for helping promote the artist.

6. Advertisers Module

Artists fans, by their very nature, are an engaged group of individuals who are actively supporting and interacting with their artists (the core reason they became members of the artist’s Home of Beats platform in the first place). It’s precisely this type of engaged market that advertisers want to utilise and with a fan base that HCR music artists control, this enables HCR to maximise advertising and endorsement opportunities generating more than traditional social media activities.

HOME OF BEATS - Artist Branded Platform

The Artist’s Home of Beats platform facilitates interactions and connections between artists and their fans

Social Feed

One stop for all artist social feeds – plus exclusive Home of Beats content

VIP Access

Member-Only access to exclusive artist content such as: behind the scenes videos, personal Q&A sessions, fashion & style blog posts, track debriefs and pre-release music.

HOME OF BEATS - Artist Branded Platform

Shop & Events

Online shopping for artist merchandise, memorabilia and tickets to events such as concerts, backstage passes, VIP entrance, private meet and greets, exclusive artist parties, etc.

Music & Videos

Fans are able to listen and watch the artist’s music & videos from the platform.

What Our Partners Say

Hunter Corp Estate

Where We Live, Work and Build Music Empires

Our Key Team

HCR - Josh

Joshua Hunt - Founder and CEO

Joshua Hunt has led the Hunter Corporation for over 25 years.

Having invested and developed hundreds of millions of dollars in property (including their very own private island 5-Star Resort) it was in 2007 with the GFC halting property development and with banks around the world collapsing, that Joshua moved his focus to working in modular manufacturing and International Investments. Since 2007 Joshua has established one of the largest modular manufacturing facilities in the world and successfully raised and invested hundreds of millions of dollars across many different continents and industries.

Joshua believes that the music industry is in desperate need of change as artists continue to get shocking deals from major record companies. He discovered this first hand when recently his daughter was asked to sign with a UK TV music show and the terms were so prohibitive and biased against the artist he felt something had to be done.

This is the reason he created the HCR model which, we believe, has the potential to change the way the music industry interacts.

HCR - Damion

Damion Way - Legal Counsel

Damion, as a lawyer and a music fan, is delighted to be working on the cutting-edge Hunter Record Corp platform.

Damion is a qualified solicitor, admitted in England & Wales. He commenced his articles in London with leading international firm Allen & Overy. He qualified with them as a finance and securities lawyer working out of their Hong Kong and Tokyo offices.

Damion then established a legal and compliance recruitment agency in 1999 with offices in Hong Kong and Tokyo and together with his partners created one of the region’s leading legal and compliance recruitment agencies before selling it to Manpower Group in 2013.

Damion returned to the UK in 2017 and continues to provide legal consultancy to several companies and high-net worth individuals and he is the in-house Legal Counsel for Hunter Corp Records.

HCR - Ruffi

Matthew Ruffi - COO

As Chief Operating Officer for Hunter Corp Limited & Hunter Corp Records, Matthew Ruffi is responsible for global operations, marketing, information technology, vendor and e-commerce management, artist relations and human resources.

He brings more than 18 years of experience and leadership to HCL. Ruffi has held executive level positions with multi-million-dollar global companies across Advertising, Entertainment and Technology sectors. Throughout all roles, he has been focused on developing and executing technology-driven business solutions and services, coupled with outstanding client service and user experiences, to drive profitable revenue growth.

Ruffi recognizes that the music we all know and love, and which has always played such a big role in his own life, is available because of the amazing creativity and talent of the artists who make it. However, those same Artists continue to be hurt and held down by a music industry that puts greed over artistry.

We feel that by bringing his operational expertise, work ethic and charisma, coupled with his long-standing passion for music, he is ideally suited to strike a balance between the needs of the company, our artists and our investors while we move forward in a highly successful venture together!

HCR - YueJin

Yue Jin Tay - Investment Strategist

Yue Jin loves working with innovative businesses like Hunter Corp Records. As a musician himself, he is especially excited about what HCR is doing in the industry and bringing to bear.

Yue Jin is a Partner at Johnson Capital Advisory – a private equity advisory firm that works with innovative businesses, entrepreneurs and investors on strategic growth opportunities. Originally from Singapore, he has worked internationally in global companies (Sony, Compaq, 3Com and Shell) and as a management consultant (PA Consulting) on cutting-edge initiatives involving technology and business.

Yue Jin also co-founded an e-Commerce corporate venture, Procserve, that provided the Amazon-like platform for the UK Government and tens of thousands of businesses to trade and transact electronically and securely.